etc.RECORDS えとせとらレコード 新宿 Pop Gallery
[vol.11 / 2000.10 シングル貴重盤ミニ放出セール および別日開催のS.S.W./A.O.R.放出セール]

Contemplation(View) by Ken Lauber US盤 The Alan Gerber Album 日本盤(フォノグラム) The Noah's Ark Trap by Nic Jones UK盤 Feel Your Groove by Ben Sidran 日本盤(東芝EMI) Fury US盤 Good'N'Cheap by Eggs Over Easy 日本盤(キング)
Mimi & Richard Farina US盤 Closing Time by Tom Waits 日本盤(ワーナー・パイオニア) Going Public 歌の贈り物 by Bruce Johnston 日本盤(CBS・ソニー) A Rumor In His Own Time by Jeffrey Comanor US盤 Nobody's Fool by Dan Penn US盤 Coast To Coast Fever by David Wiffen US盤
Jerry Crbetta US盤 Country US盤 By Appointment Of The President 日本盤(エピック・ソニー) Laura Nyro Sings Her Greatest Hits 日本盤(CBS・ソニー) Consider The Heart by Tony Kosinec 日本盤(CBS・ソニー) Seanor & Koss US盤
Trip In The Country by Area Code 615 日本盤(ポリドール) Floating House Band US盤 The Front US盤 Portrait Of A Glad Man by Charlie Brown US盤 Side Of The Road Gang US盤 Mike Nesmith presents The Wichita Train Whistle Sings 日本盤(ビクター)